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Monday, May 21, 2007

Inspired By Nature, Etsy

A big wow for this gorgeous line by artist Holly Strate. And her Etsy shop Hollyhawk is chock full of more fabulous pieces just like these. I am in total lust over each and every one of the above pieces and I don't dare spend too much time in her shop. But if I were you I'd head over soon because that purse in the first photo is going, going ........... k

Friday, March 23, 2007

Slide show Saturday, Black Bags

Sit back and enjoy the creative and well made handbags and accessories of Leslie Ann's Black
Bags. They are just so bright and cheerful and thankfully reminding me of spring. have a great weekend, k

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hot Handbags Under $100

I ordered one of Leslie Ann's Black Bags about a year ago and I was so pleased. Not only was the price fantastic but the purse was absolutely adorable. Her website is loaded with all sorts of items including several different styles of bags so I have decided to feature her work on Kstyle's slideshow Saturday this week. stay tuned, k

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hot Handbags Under $100, Vivaterra

I was browsing favorite site Vivaterra today and spotted these really fun handbags. I guess I'm on a purse roll but thought these were different and definitely priced right. We can all find the OTT designer bags for way too much money but my challenge here at Kstyle is to find those with style and pzazz for a lot less money. fun is fun and sometimes it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. k

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hot Handbag Under $100

I bought this great purse today by Proenza Schouler at Target and I just wanted to share. It is absolutely gorgeous, and large, perfect for the airport or bring to the swimming pool or beach bag and it cost a whopping $39.00. It's even more gorgeous than the pic and also came in a hot pink version. The navy though is really classic and wow, one of my target "collectibles". love this, k

Monday, January 22, 2007

Recycled Lovlies!

I tried to make a handbag once out of some leftover dragonfly uphostery material and it just about killed me. I had never lined anything before and well let's just say it was way out of my sewing capabilities. Anyway when I saw these absolutely darling recycled sweater handbags by sassycrafter it almost but not quite made me want to give it another try. They are cute and I do have a lot of sweaters lying about but I think I'm better off sticking to hot molten glass. just don't have the sewing gene, k
Note: I just received an email from Kim Taylor designer of sassy craft bags and here's what she had to say: This sweater bag does NOT need lining! Yay!
You'll need a wool sweater. The best type is 100% wool -- merino works great. Angora is OK too (this fiber comes from goats, I think). Cashmere works well for floppy embellishments like flowers or for tiny handbags, but it never thickens up enough during the shrinking process for use in larger or more structured purses.

Take your sweater and run it twice through the washer using hot water and the heavy duty cycle. This will shrink the sweater and felt it, which allows you to cut it into any shape and not have it unravel. Then plot out the shape for your bag and sew it together. NOTE: If you plan to use wool for the handle, it helps to reinforce it with some topstitched trim -- otherwise the handle will stretch out during the first few months of carrying. I use my leftover scraps to create flower pins that can be worn on the purse or on your shirt. And you can find a couple of her sweater bags right now at her Etsy shop here. happy sewing, k

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hot Handbags Under $100

I'm definitely in a black and white mood after seeing
"The Holiday" yesterday with my friend C. The movie
was really fun but the clothes were even better and it
doesn't get better than the black and white coat that
Cameron Diaz wore. And trust me if you saw the movie
you know exactly what coat I am talking about. So while
clearly not THE coat this fabulous black and white
purse is a close second. I found it this morning while
browsing on blog Athena Says and you can find it
at online boutique House+Wear. Lots of goodies here. k

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Redecorating at Kstyle!

I have to admit I'm ready to move on from the black and
orange decor at kstyle, so I've added my new xmas banner
which I hope to continue to "decorate" as we move along.
I'm starting my new seasonal posts with this absolutely
darling felted bag which I found via fieltromania a wonderful
blog hosted by anabel in Sevilla, Spain. You can find the purse
here at Mixco Boutique as well as tons of other fabulous felted
accessories. How perfect for that xmas party or social gathering
that we all have coming up. k

Oh, and I'm going to have another fun giveaway for the month
of November and Holly and I over at holly's plate are cooking
up a fun contest for December. More details tomorrow so be
sure to drop by. k

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Hot Handbags Under $100 and Henry Clue!

I absolutely love this gorgeous purse called Cherry Blossom
B which you can find at the amazing online store Napa
Studio. Check out the many original and unique handbag designs.
What I love about this one besides the fabulous kimono fabric
is the price. $75.00. I have a big dress up event coming on
October 21st called" The Art Affair" and I'm thinking of designing
an outfit around this very "arty" purse. I love it . k

And here is my next Henry clue! Remember to be specific when "outing" Henry.

You wouldn't really call Henry cute and by the way did I tell you that Henry was photographed from a boat.