Thursday, August 24, 2006

For Sissey L

First of all let me tell you just a little about sissey L. She is
without question my first and foremost fashion guru. She
has educated me on the finer points of all things fashion and
the latest trends for years and it goes without saying that in
this category sissey rules. So when i saw this darling Angela
Adams purse in lavender and chocolate brown i wanted my
sissey to check it out. One of the really fun benefits to writing
this blog is that I can readily share my finds with family and
freinds as well as all of you. Oh and this fabulous purse has
matching belts and wallets all available at Hazel Chicago's online
store. But the best part is the $100 price which puts it into
my category of great designer bags for $100 or less. Will let
you know if sissey approves. k