Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Slide Show Saturday Teaser

You're in for a treat this Saturday with Chama Navarro's gorgeous polymer clay jewelry line. This is just a tiny taste of her absolutely fabulous work. so be sure to drop by Kstyle's Slide Show Saturday. you'll be so glad you did, k

Out of My Kiln, Gucci Gorgeous

For those of you that saw my Gucci 2007 Spring/Summer slide show on Sunday you know I promised you my signature earring charms in "Gucci" colors and here they are. Love love the colors of hot spring in black, coral and purple. now if I could only afford the purse, k
And btw I'm sure you've noticed a few more than usual posts from "Out of My Kiln "which are leading somewhere I promise. However it's so icy cold here right now as in inches of snow that not conducive to my creative spirit. so soon but not as soon as I wish, k

Birthday Club

Had lunch today with my birthday club which is such a fun idea I thought I would share with you today. We have eight fabulous women in our group and we meet for lunch on our birthdays. The person whose birthday it is plans the lunch for the next birthday girl and so on and so on. So here's a little photo op from today's birthday lunch for my friend J. A card from my friend C from meri meri and just for fun my friend V's purse from Ralph Lauren which was the perfect match. so thankful for "my girls", k

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Out of My Kiln, The Yummy Blues and Greens

Yum, love the fresh blues and greens that are showing this Spring and Summer and I'm hoping that if I'm thinking and torching Spring maybe the weather gods will wake up here in Ashland and get with the program. Oh and remember the Gucci video I showed on stylin video Sunday. Well stay tuned for some Kstyle earrings in coral, purple and black.and please think warm thoughts, k

Gumps Of Course

Love these new Spring offerings from Gumps one of my favorites. Doesn't feel much like Spring around here but I can dream can't I. loving these, k

Monday, February 26, 2007

Kate Spade Fun

I love these little beach inspired coin purse by Kate Spade and it would be oh so fun for my next mahjong coin purse. We play with quarters and we're always trying to outdo each other with our creative purses. i'm pretty sure this would make the A list, k

Bathtub Paradise, Jamie Hayon

I think Jamie Hayon's aesthetic speaks to me like no other. Gary over at Spray Glue recently witnessed his brilliance and mentioned his fabulous bathroom line which takes the whole bathroom as room concept to a new level. Thank you Gary. a bath to die for, k

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Out of My Kiln, Persimmon

While I don't post often about fashion on Kstyle the truth is I have always loved beautiful clothes. And I love to design my jewelry with current colors and trends in mind. So I hope to share with you not only my work process but also where my inspiration comes from. The gorgeous persimmon colors, blues, and violets which you see in this rich version of my signature earring charms and hoops comes from Antrhopologie's darling grouping called "Chit Chat". While not the stuff of Oscars I love the wearability, clean lines, and hot colors in this group.

Stay tuned for more fashion inspired Kstyle jewelry this week and a tiny surprise later this week.
And speaking of fashion my favorite Oscar dress this season by far was Reese Witherspoons. Also loved Penelope Cruz and Portia De Rossi. what were your favorites? k

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Gucci : Fashion Show SS07 Women (Part 1)

Love the Gucci aesthetic in this video featuring their spring/summer 2007 line. Love it so much that will be creating a pair of my signature Kstyle earring charms in this gorgeous color palette of coral, purple and black. Have some Kstyle jewelry goodies coming up this week and a little surprise. so stay tuned, k

Friday, February 23, 2007

Slide Show Saturday, Emmy Schoonbeek

Hi everyone,
Welcome to Kstyle's Slide Show Saturday. Today I am featuring the work of fiber artist Emily Schoonbeek and it is fabulous. The colors and the detail in the work are just total eye candy. Check out Emily's blog here to learn more about her work process and her flickr portfolio here. so visually stimulating, k

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Exploring Etsy

Cruising Etsy today I found these awesome hand painted earrings by The Off Beat Artisans. Love the colors and graphic look. Would be spectacular with the right outfit. loving these, k

Wurst Galleries

Thank you to Design Sponge for turning me on to the Wurstminster dog show via Wurst Gallery in Portland, Oregon. Such a fun concept. Artists from all over the country "reserved" a dog and then sent in an original work depicting their dog of choice. these were two of my favorites. can you guess what breeds they are. never one to miss a dog photo op, k

Handcrafted Excellence, Shelley Muzylowski Allen

What's so amazing about these pieces by artist Shelley Muzylowski is that they are handcrafted from hot molten glass. I just make tiny beads. I can't imagine the work and work ethic that is required to make these fabulous pieces. Many more like these and some completely different at Shelly's website. Plan on spending a few minutes here. extraordinary, k

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Slide Show Saturday Teaser

Wow, You're really going to want to check out the work of fiber artist Emmy Schoonbeek for Kstyle's slide show Saturday this weekend. View over a hundred photos of this artists amazing portfolio including her bags, photo posctcards and handmade journal pages. stunning work, k

Kate Cusack, cont'd

I featured the gorgeous zipper flower pins by Kate Cusack a few weeks ago and here are a few more stunning necklaces from her very creative "zipper" line. How cool would one of these pieces be with a simple, maybe strapless black dress and absolutely nothing else. talk about a conversation piece. k
note: Kate wanted me to let you know that her very original pieces are copyrighted. k

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I love these original chair "pads" by designer Chenhui Su. I've never seen anything quite like them and how absolutely fun it would be to sneak them into your decor in some unexpected way. I love the idea of setting one under a tree in your backyard or terrace. What would you do with one or more? so cleeever, k

I Love Whimsy, Moma

Check out this new darling line from Argentina which you can find at the Moma store here. I lived in Australia for a year before moving to Ashland so anything kangaroo really hits home for me. Of course they call them "Roos" in Oz. as I was told often, k

It's A dog Thing

Well what can I say. When I saw this photo on I just had to post. You know I can't resist a great doggie photo op. makes me smile, k

Monday, February 19, 2007

Peaceful Joyful Jewelry, Ananda Khalsa

There is something so absolutely soothing and peaceful about Ananda Khalsa's line of handcrafted jewelry. Each piece is a bit of handpainted artwork in miniature and then integrated into the contemporary settings you see above. I love the softness and calmness of the paintings mixed with the hardness and contemporary stying of the metals. pure loveliness, k

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Something New! Roliquerie

These new limestone sculptures by artist Amy Brier are called "roliqueries"and are new at The Artful Home. I think I could roll these "sculptures that make sculptures" all day in the sand as the patterns emerge and disappear at my whim. what fun and how original, k

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Friday, February 16, 2007

Slide Show Saturday, Beauty

Today slide show Saturday is all about beauty. And what better way to express beauty than the work of glass artist Dale Chihully, one of my favoirtes. breathtaking, k

Thursday, February 15, 2007

When Petals Fall

When Petals Fall
by Ed Lusch, ojo del lago, 2006

Death the final notice?
Or kindling of fond memories.
Ashes to Ashes?
Dust to dust?
Or rebirth of spirit:
A soul set free.

What comes must go:
Everything on its way,
To someone, somewhere,
As alive as song and laughter.
Unconfined to this place,
Unencumbered by this time,
Eternally bound by understanding:

The rose knows
Not to weep
When petals fall to earth.

And we can learn,
What the rose will teach
When our petals become garlands-
forever after.

Forward this lovely poem written by my great friend Ed Lusch to anyone you might know who would be comforted by it's sentiment or beauty. I'm so thankful for it. k

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What Would We Do Without Dogs?

Linda from Abbey Creek Studios sent me this darling photo to cheer me up and as you who know me can imagine it did. She wanted to let me know that she saw this image in cuteables which by the way is a darling blog and one of my favorites. What would we do without dogs. love them, k

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Valentines Day From K

Wishing you all a Heart Filled Valentines Day. Hug the ones you love. k
Had lots of hearts set to post today but will save them for later on. k


First want to thank you all for your kind words of support in both comments and emails.I also want to let you know that the boys are holding up well. They have a tremendous bond which I am so thankful for and it is helping them now.

Also want you to know that Ed was a prolific and well known writer in his field which was nature, the environment and of course fishing. He published many books and articles throughout his career.You'll have to bear with me while I post a few links in days to come that if interested I think you will find fun and amusing. Such a wonderful writer and creative thinker. By the way he loved my blog and encouraged me in my endeavor. Just wish I could write like him.
And on a happier note Troy Robinson aka "waterboy" qualifed for the state swimming championships which take place this weekend in Hood River Oregon. Bravo Troy. Pretty heady stuff for a sophmore. k

Monday, February 12, 2007

Cheering Me Up

These images from the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show cheered me up today. Want to thank you all for the kind words of support today. My boys are holding up well and I am so proud of them. Talk soon . k