Thursday, February 15, 2007

When Petals Fall

When Petals Fall
by Ed Lusch, ojo del lago, 2006

Death the final notice?
Or kindling of fond memories.
Ashes to Ashes?
Dust to dust?
Or rebirth of spirit:
A soul set free.

What comes must go:
Everything on its way,
To someone, somewhere,
As alive as song and laughter.
Unconfined to this place,
Unencumbered by this time,
Eternally bound by understanding:

The rose knows
Not to weep
When petals fall to earth.

And we can learn,
What the rose will teach
When our petals become garlands-
forever after.

Forward this lovely poem written by my great friend Ed Lusch to anyone you might know who would be comforted by it's sentiment or beauty. I'm so thankful for it. k


Alyssa said...

Really beautiful K. Thanks for sharing this with us.

susan said...

it IS beautiful, thank you k.
thinking of you,

casapinka said...

K, you're so sweet. Thanks for this poem.

Joanne said...

Can see why you shared this Karen - lovely.

Another Shade of Grey said...

So, so, so sorry to hear of this news. It is good to hear of a divorced couple who remained friends. That's class. My condolences.