Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Photo Ops Galore

I hope you've enjoyed a few local snaps of our crazy
Halloween here in Ashland. I love to share knowing
that my readers are literally scattered all over the
world. So Happy halloween from Kstyle.

Stay tuned for lots of fun to come on kstyle. We'll be moving
into the holiday xmas season with lots of great finds, a new
contest and a few surprises. See you tomorrow. k

The Dogs

We loved the dogs. A little bit harder to get them to stop
and pose but a few cooperated.

The Babies

We had an absolute blast at the Ashland
Halloween parade today. There's just something
so fun about living here. From the babies to the dogs
visual treats were everywhere. Hope you enjoy
this little taste of "living in Ashland" k

The Spider House!

My favorite halloween house this year. The tarantulas
totally satisfy the "creepy factor" and the house itself
just begs to be trick or treated. Not sure I could handle
walking up the stairs and under the spider patrol however.
Just a little too scary.

Come back and visit later this eve. Will have some more
fun ashland photos to post. k

Monday, October 30, 2006


Happy Halloween!!!

from Kstyle and family. Stay
tuned for more Halloween posts
throughout the day as festivities
rev up in Ashland. What's everyone
doing? Leave a comment and let
me know! k

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Trick or..............

Every year Harry and Davids the world
renowned gift basket company hosts a
totem pole pumpkin sculpture in front of
their flagship store which just so happens
to be located a few minutes south of Ashland.
Always spectacular and usually "frightful" this
years entry is no exception. Ashland has a few
yearly Halloween traditions to share so stay
tuned for tomorrows........Treat....... k

Friday, October 27, 2006

Styling With Birds, Xmas

Here's one more from the "zazillion" collection
of custom stamps at zazzle to get you started in
the holiday spirit. Of course I love the birds but
there are so many to choose from.

Have a great weekend. I'm off to Eugene for
waterboys last H20 polo tournament. But first
I'll leave you with this little tidbit. It's spirit
day at the high school and the boys on the team
decided to wear their speedos over their pants.
Now that would make a picture. Take care and
see you next week. k

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Good Design is Everywhere!

Okay yes, good design abounds and we are bombarded by
the design choices we must make practically on a daily basis
but who knew? On zazzle.com there are literally "zazillions"
of custom postage stamp designs to choose from and then
if that's not enough you can customize your own personal
stamp using your business logo or personal family photo.
Hmmm, I wonder if I should design some stamps for kstyle?
Any ideas? Will keep you "posted". k

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Styling With Birds, Dilnot

I'm really loving the work of John Dilnot another vendor at
the Origin show in the UK that just wrapped up. I've got to
figure out a way to get to that next year. An amazing amount
of creativity under one roof. But back to John Dilnot. His work
really defies description. The photo above is actually from one
of his shadow box collections which involves tiny cutout birds
and other natural elements you have to see to believe. So go
here and click on "boxes" to see the owls and woodpeckers and
others. Such an original concept. What do you think? Not sure
they're for everyone or for most spaces but I would love to build
an entire room around just one piece. Perfect for the log cabin on
the river in my dreams. enjoy, k

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Handcrafted Excellence, Scherning

I found this amazing jewelry a few months ago when
the site was not available in English but now you can
finally navigate and even order this exquisite line of
porcelain charms at scherning.com. I absolutely love
the "charmed" concept. Such a fun and versatile collection.
Spend a little time on this gorgeous website. I know
you'll be as charmed as I. enjoy, k

Monday, October 23, 2006

I Love Whimsy and Cake Servers!

These have to be the cutest cake servers/spatulas I've seen
lately. What a fun gift they would make this xmas for anyone like
me who loves to surprise when entertaining and is as seriously
pet deprived as I am at the moment. Not exactly the same
as a warm beagle but I'll take it. Oh and you can find them at
Horchows here. enjoy, k

K's Pick of the Month

I've decided to add a topic to kstyle called k's pick of the
month and this glorious handcrafted fine porcelain
dinnerware by artist Daniel Levy as seen in The Artful
Home Catalog is going to be my first pick. I find this collection
absolutely stunning in its elegant and edited style and I may
very well have to consider just how many glass beads I will
have to sell to call a few place settings my own. enjoy, k

The Wow Factor!

I want you to know that when I post in this topic I will be truly
wowed. Rendered speechless will be more like it. I have been
looking for something to introduce this category to kstyle and
this morning I practically fell over in my chair when I saw this
work by graphic artist/illustrator Kustaa Saksi on a new blog
8garside out of South Africa that I have just started reading.
I love to find the extraordinary in the ordinary, like this map
of the world rendered in an explosion of pyschedelic pattern and
color. All I can say is Wow! Oh and for lots more of this amazing
artist spend some time on his site. I promise you will be wowed
many times over. k

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Passionate About Lampwork, Kristin Perkins

I am passionate about lampwork and not just my own
I hope to share and promote this amazing artform on
kstyle showcasing my own work as well as those of the
many artists who I admire and who have influenced
my own work. Krisitin Perkins is one of those artists.
I own several of her pieces and I love her clean,
contemporary aesthetic. You can order Kirstens work
at her online gallery here as well as many "real" galleries
throughout the country. enjoy, k

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Styling With Birds, "Origin"

I could have spent all day posting about the
amazing artwork at the UK show Origin which
just wrapped up but if I only had to choose one
collection to share it would be these whimsical
metal sculptures by artist Cathy Miles. As you
know I am crazy about all things birds so it is
completely predictable that I would be over the
top by every single one of these pieces. enjoy, k

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Introducing "The Fisherman"

I guess it must be genetic. Jamie aka "The Fisherman" my
other son is a photo journalism major at SOU university
here in Ashland and I'm thrilled to share some of his work
with you on kstyle. An avid fly fisherman and photographer
he often combines his dual interests into creative works. Hope
to have more work from Jamie to share in the future. Troy has
a hard act to follow but his photo of Henry is a really good start.
Feeling proud. k

For the Pottery Lover!

Came across this interesting collection of pottery spoons by
Helen Felcey while browsing ceramic sites and I just had to
share. Spend some time on this remarkable site. The works
are fabulous. k

A Tasty Teaser!

I know, it's not even Halloween yet but when I saw these
amazing , so cute I could eat ornaments at Gumps I just
had to post. This is just a "taste" of my "A Well
Designed Xmas" series which I will start in upcoming
kstyle posts as yes we get a little bit closer to the big day.
So stay tuned. Lots of fun coming up on kstyle. yum, k

Eye Candy from Artecnica

I came across these amazing bottle stoppers
while browsing spray glue a new favorite blog
and I was just wowed. I have seen other
products by the amazing company Artecnica but
these just took my breath away. Absolutely
gorgeous. I'd probably leave some "fake" wine
in a bottle just to have one for display. enjoy, k

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dreaming of Mexico!

Okay so it's not Mexico and it's not even really the beach
but on a cold, windy, rainy below 30 degree day in Oregon
I'll take it. Just looking at the new beach zen garden makes
me smile and I can't think of a more perfect gift for that hard
to buy for friend who has everything. Oh and if the beach is not
your thing try the golf zen garden here. k

Monday, October 16, 2006

Handcrafted Excellence! Ana's Candles

Thank you to Art & Anglophilia for
introducing me to these amazing candles
created by Ana Candles. They are absolutely
wonderful in their graphic simplicity and
edited style .The color combinations are rich
and varied offering just about any combination
for any color palette. A perfect example of less
is more. Loving these. k

And also a heartfelt thank you for all of you
who voted for me in the decor 8 workspace
contest. It was great fun and we came in 3rd.
Awesome. k

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Blogging for RED

Hey everyone. Im very excited about "Product Red". "What
a fantastic, creative, win win idea. And I really believe that
the blogosphere will play a major role in keeping the momentum
going. So fellow bloggers and friends. Jump on the "Red"
bandwagon. Lets help keep the concept rolling.

I took my guys to the Gap and we bought tees, bracelets and
pins. That's "waterboy's" wrist modeling the gorgeous "Red"
leather bracelet. Went back to the store today and I'm so
happy to report that most of the "Red" merchandise had been
wiped out much like the aids virus in Africa will be when WE
unite worldwide to make it happen. Awesome. k

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Perfect Gift!

I love to find the perfect gifts for friends and family. One
of my favorite places to shop for that "darling something"
is Paddington Station here in Ashland. They obviously have
a great buyer for the store because I don't think I've ever
come out of there without a bag in my hand. Yesterday,
after lunch with the "girls" we stopped in and I was
immediately drawn to the almost edible "cupcake"
scarves by co. Too Sweet. They looked good enough to eat
and what a perfect gift. enjoy, k

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

For the Pottery Lover, Diana Fayt

I found this amazing pottery by Diana Fayt via cake
and pie and I am absolutely in love. If you had to find
a line of pottery that was made for my house and
epitomizes my personal taste this would be it. I will
definately own a piece or three of Diana's work in
the very near future. My only problem will be which
pieces to choose. Take a look aound her wonderful
website. This is just a taste of the many pieces available.
enjoy. k

Just found out Diana has a blog called one blackbird. Now
we can get a daily fix of her awesome work. k

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Handcrafted Excellence and Henry Update!

I'm a total fan of beeswax candles. Something about
their natural look and warm honey fragrance are so
appealing. I especially love these four uniquely
sculpted candles found at Gumps a favorite source
for original works from artisans around the world. I
grew up just south of San Francisco in Burlingame
and Gumps was a favorite destination when shopping
in "The City". I think one of my dream jobs would be
to be a buyer for Gumps! We'll be visiting often at
kstyle. enjoy, k

Now for a Henry update! Robert and I hooked up the boat
and headed to Fish Lake today for one last rendevouz
with Henry. It was 46 degrees and very windy. When we
arrived we could immediately see that the amazing bird
life of the summer was non existent. The skies were empty.
Not a single osprey, pelican, blue heron, canadian goose or
bald eagle in sight. We caught fish but unfortunately Henry
was not around to feed. I kept hoping he'd show up for a free
lunch but evidently Henry has already headed south and is
hanging out on a tree in Mexico. Lucky guy! So I guess we'll
have to wait for Spring to rendevous with Henry again. Will
keep you posted. k