Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Handcrafted Excellence and Henry Update!

I'm a total fan of beeswax candles. Something about
their natural look and warm honey fragrance are so
appealing. I especially love these four uniquely
sculpted candles found at Gumps a favorite source
for original works from artisans around the world. I
grew up just south of San Francisco in Burlingame
and Gumps was a favorite destination when shopping
in "The City". I think one of my dream jobs would be
to be a buyer for Gumps! We'll be visiting often at
kstyle. enjoy, k

Now for a Henry update! Robert and I hooked up the boat
and headed to Fish Lake today for one last rendevouz
with Henry. It was 46 degrees and very windy. When we
arrived we could immediately see that the amazing bird
life of the summer was non existent. The skies were empty.
Not a single osprey, pelican, blue heron, canadian goose or
bald eagle in sight. We caught fish but unfortunately Henry
was not around to feed. I kept hoping he'd show up for a free
lunch but evidently Henry has already headed south and is
hanging out on a tree in Mexico. Lucky guy! So I guess we'll
have to wait for Spring to rendevous with Henry again. Will
keep you posted. k

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shoobydoo said...

Wow, the candles are gorgeous...I'd feel guilty lighting them!