Monday, October 09, 2006

I Love Whimsy!

I doubt I will ever top my latest post. Henry is a very hard
act to follow. But kstyle has to move on so I thought I'd
show you these fabulous lampwork cupcake rings by Ehme Glass
studio. Yes, you would have to be extremely careful if you
actually wore one of these amazing rings but how fun to wave
one around for a day.

Speaking of lampwork I've packaged and sent off Holly's
earring charms. Can't wait for her to get them. Hopefully
they will be a little more "user friendly" than the cupcakes.
enjoy, k


cruststation said...

Beautiful and fun jewellery and I love the design on the website, thanks.

ms. spinach said...

cute! i have a little cake i bought... i don't know, somewhere. but with the intention of attaching to a ring and making a pretty cake ring. i'm definitely going to remember to do that now.

Sharp Lily said...

They're really pretty and fun! Sadly, it would make me want to eat a cupcake every time I looked at it.