Monday, October 09, 2006

Meet Henry, He's Been Outed, Congrats Holly

Meet Henry photographed by Troy Robinson age 14.

Holly from Holly's Plate has outed Henry.

Thank you all for your great guesses and participating in my first contest at kstyle. I feel like I've gotten to know lots of my blogging buddies in the "design" community and that was the whole idea.

Now for the story of Henry.

We often fish at "Fish Lake" just a 40 minute drive from Ashland. This summer on our first trip we noticed a large eagle perched in the trees a short distance from our boat. Wow, we realized it was a bald eagle and it was definitely watching us. The fishing was good that day and we caught fish after fish. We kept our eye on the eagle sure he would fly off at any moment. But no, he patiently stayed in that same spot for hours. Finally my husband had the idea to throw one of our fish into the water and see if the eagle would take it. Troy and I thought he must be kidding. No way a wild bald eagle will come that close to us and the boat. Just as we were ragging "dad" the eagle swooped down from the tree, flew right over the top of us, the wind from his massive wings blowing in our faces, and took the fish ,talons displayed in all their predatorial glory. Wow we were stunned. Did that really just happen. We probably fed Henry 10 fish that day.Troy grabbed the camera and every time Henry came in for a fish he snapped a photo. You can imagine how exciting for a 14 yr old boy.

But the story gets even better. As we left that day we said goodbye to Henry and hoped that someday we might see him again. Back in Ashland we couldn't stop thinking about this amazing day. We decided to go back the following week. Maybe we could find him again. Went back to the same fishing spot and whoa, there was Henry perched in the same tree as if he had been waiting for us. We fed him more fish and took more photos. Over the course of the summer we have probably fed Henry over a hundred fish and Troy has taken at least a hundred photos. It's October now and we are going to the lake tomorrow to say goodbye to Henry for the year. He'll be flying south soon. But I'm pretty sure he will be back next year waiting for us to motor out and provide his meals for the day.

Will keep you posted. k


lorenzstudio said...

That photo is amazing! My husband and I saw an eagle swoop down over the water when we were kayaking on Vancouver Island last year, but he was nowhere as close as your Henry!

kstyle said...

Our son thinks he's ready to join National Geographic. Pretty sure he's been hooked for life. Love Vancoucer island. Spent some time there two summers ago and absolutely gorgeous. Perfect bald eagle country.

holly said...

wow! what an amazing photo and what fun outing henry! i am feeling a tad bit guilty for having guessed about 75 times! thanks for such a fun contest and for sharing that story.


ps ... i can't wait to get the earring charms!

kstyle said...

Hey Holly,

Guessing is good. It worked. Need your address. Will send the charms today. What fun.

Kerry said...

OH HOW COOL! That is an amazing photo. You should send it into a photo contest for your son. My parent did that for me once when I was younger. I got an honorable mention, lol.

I can't wait for the next contest!This was great. And now those clues make a lot of sense.

kstyle said...

Thanks kerry,

We are looking for a contest for him to enter. Let me know if you come across any. Saw your autumn beads on your blog. gorgeous. k

Kathy said...

Incredible picture.
That would be great if your son could enter a photo contest.
I loved playing the game too.

kstyle said...

HI Kathy,

It's going to be tough to top the Henry game but I'm sure I'll come up with other ideas. So thanks for playing and stay tuned. You never know whats coming up on kstyle. k

cruststation said...

Congrats to Holly for outing Holly, that eagle picture is amazing I know how difficult it is to photograph a bird in flight. Well done!