Monday, April 30, 2007

Taking A Little Break

Hey Kstylers. R and I are headed to Las Vegas for a littler R&R and also to cover the Contemporary Art and Craft show taking place there this week. Should come back with lots of new finds for Kstyle and who knows maybe we'll hit the big jackpot. Am also working on some new features for Kstyle which I will be adding soon so stay tuned. Oh and here's a NEW feature that I'm adding right now. I'm going to call it "K's Blog Quips" . Every so often I'm going to feature a few of the blogs that you see in my ever growing "morning coffee visits". And not to worry. Eventually I'm going to hit you all. So here's my first "Quip List". So spend the next few days enjoying these and I will see you bright and early next Monday morning, pray to the gambling gods for me. k

Pink Mohair............................. Hilarious and Hip
My Marrakesh......................Beautiful You'll See
Designer's Block.......................Jackpot!
Happiness Project.................I'm Addicted
Spray Glue................................Edgy
Holly's Plate...........................Ed Rocks
Funky Finds...........................Like Home
Crust Station.............................Classy Collage
Cutable.................................. Beyond Cute!

Well these should keep you busy for a few days. So much creativity and inspiration resides just a click away. Take care and talk soon. k

Oh and one last thing. If you really want to feel good click on the video I posted below. It's not long but be sure to watch the whole thing. k

Otters holding hands,A Little Treat

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Understated Elegance, Supire Design

Some very elegant and chic accessories and furnishings from Supire Design. Plan on spending a few minutes here. A very clean and edited look which just happens to be my favorite here on Kstyle. I would really love to set a table with the wildflower inspired plates above. simply gorgeous, k

Preppy Handbag Under $100

What could be cuter than preppy pink and green for Spring and Summer. These darling bags from Give Simple are just that. Simple and fun,and full of style with their classic and "clean" silhoutte. Of course I love anything polka dots so it's no surprise that the first is my favorite. perfectly preppy, k

For the Pottery Lover, Jorine

I love this whimsical line of pottery by artist Jorine Oosterhoff. Wouldn't it be fun to have a tea party featuring these magical and creative pieces. Or in my case maybe a mahjong or poker party. love love these, k

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Stylin With Trees

Laura Baxter jewelry via delightful new blog The M├Ądschen Weis Way

Amy Ross via Design Sponge

A little treat on Kstyle today. I'm loving all things green and springlike right now. Just click on on the pics and they will take you to lots more "tree"eye candy. enjoy, k

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Stylin With Birds & Keeping Time

One of the very first design blogs that introduced me to the whole design blog phenomena was Print and Pattern. Total 100% percent eye candy and my fix today was no exception. Love this "sticker clock" featured today and you can find it at another favorite site Urban Outfitters. adorable, k

Fork and Spoon

Every couple of weeks or so I treat myself to a few cozy hours in Barnes and Noble with a coffee mocha in one hand and my little notebook and pen in the other. Occasionally I even sneak out my mini digital for undercover snaps. Well this week I hit the design blogger's lottery. If you haven't already seen this dictionary size book on the top cutting edge contemporary design firms from around the world called "Fork" you absolutely must check it out for yourselves. It's beyond fabulous and it's on its way to Miss K via along with it's predecessor "Spoon" which I got even cheaper from Ebay's trust me on this one, k

Stylin With "Lovebirds", Ann Wood

Ann Wood has done it again. How impossibly cute are these stylin bird cake toppers? Well so cute that my best buddy C ordered a pair for her daughter's upcoming July wedding. I'm going to have some stellar photo ops at this grand affair including a pair of "custom lovebird's" Ann Wood style. stay tuned, k

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Jill Bliss and Then Some

These fabric necklaces by Jill Bliss are just beyond cute and although I was really done posting for the day when I saw that these were limited editions I wanted to get them up. At only $40.00 each I don't think they will last long. i really want one of these. k

5.5 Designers

I am fascinated with the French design firm 5.5 Designers and spent more time than I should have on their site today. All I can say is wow and you will be seeing a lot more of this exciting and innovative design on Kstyle. The fish tank in the first photo really strikes me as such a win win design. A perfect marriage of two different worlds complimenting each other. And then the chairs as planter concept in the second photo is just well totally my thing. I love the way the plants act as the visual back of the chairs. So original. my new favorite designers, k

Techno Style, Thomas Mann

I love Thomas Mann's signature techno style and especially when applied to to the animal world. Of course I love the doggie but my favorite in this group is the turtle. There's just something so appealing about this piece. would love to wear this on my lapel, loving robo turtle, k

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Stylin With Birds, Amy Bengston

One of my favorite posts here on Kstyle is "stylin with birds" and when I came across this gorgeous line of necklaces by artist Amy Bengston I knew I had yet another "bird" collection for the archives. I love Amy's style. The marriage of textures, the grain of the rosewood and the shiny smoothness of the inlaid pearl. And then the unexpected in the final layer, the engraved design which just tops off an already exquisite piece. Would love to wear one of these. how perfect for spring, k

Tutto Bene, Milan 2007

Well if I can't be there mysel I'm sure happy that a few of my fellow bloggers are having the amazing experience of seeing the Milan Furniture show 2007 up close and personal. I've been following Design Sponges' fabulous posts on the show both on her home blog and on H&G. The most gorgeous birdhouses ever that you see above are from design firm Tutto Bene which I found via Moco Loco. how fabulous are these? k

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Happy Earth Day and......

And I am bringing you this Earth Day 2007 post from my new macbook pro laptop. Yay! And thank you all who weighed in and helped me make this decision. But back to Earth Day. Love the nature theme of this gorgeous ring I found while browsing on Etsy.Go to Esdesigns to find this ring and other gorgeous jewelry. enjoy, k

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Water Cube, sneak preview

I want to introduce you to The National Aquatics Centre, also known as 'The Water Cube' which will be one of the most exciting new venues to be built for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The exterior of the building looks a lot like bubble wrap and in actuality was designed to replicate the natural formation of soap bubbles. And even more futuristic the bubbles will be inflated and continuously pumped for the duration of the life of the structure.

As you know my family and I spend a lot of time at swimming pools with "waterboy" who is both a swimmer and water polo player for Ashland High School. But I can assure you we have never seen anything or imagined anything quite like this. China it seems has embraced the word modern and taken it to a whole new dimension. We will be watching from our seats here at Kstyle as this remarkable venue for the 2008 summer Olympics begins to reveal it's view of the future. k


Hopefully the slide show will work now! Wanted to have something on Kstyle today that would be fresh and upbeat. I think we all need a breath a fresh breath of joyful air so sit back and enjoy a hot air balloon ride for a moment and all the beauty and splendor of nature below. k

Tiny Happy

I love the name of this Etsy shop and these darling baby shoes are truly "tinyhappy". What a darling gift these would make at your next baby shower. You can tell I am the mother of sons. Still fantasizing about all the cute cute "pretty" things for girls. love these, k
Somethings not working on the slideshow that I had up earlier so I will try re posting later. Take care and talk soon. k

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Organizing In Style, Cavellini

It's tax time again and I have to say that I think the whole ordeal would have been a lot more palatable if I could have had a table full of these Cavellini & Company files lying around instead of the BORING manilas that we use. just looking at these make me feel good. k

Lace Lovliness, Yoko Hasegawa

Check out this lovely work by collage artist Yoko Hasegawa. Lots of gorgeous pieces here and so refreshingly different. Found this work via blog Emma Cassi. plan on spending a few moments here. k

Monday, April 16, 2007

Handcrafted Excellence, Becky Crow

You might think that the bottom pic of stiletto heel earrings would fit K's lifestyle and look more than the other two jewelry pieces by designer Becky Crow. But you would be wrong. Not even the doggie brooch in the second pic would be the winner. Nope, it is the first pin that pretty much sums up my life. For some reason I have been claimed by the fishing world. ALL the men in my life are passionate/crazy about it and yes I have even dawned a pair of waders myself in the pursuit of fish, though trust me, I'd much rather be wearing the stilettos. k

Gumps Of Course

Love this sort of retro bar cart I found while browsing Kstyle favorite Gumps. I would love to roll this around inside or out for whatever fun party was on the agenda. Love the unexpected round shape. so chic and fun, k


Look closely at this "American Puzzle" I found while browsing Horschow. All of the animal pieces are made out of pewter and several of the pieces can be made into necklaces. A chain is provided with the set. how cleeeever is this? k

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Two Of A Kind, Charles and Ray Eames

Only two of these amazing elephants were made in 1945 by husband and wife design team Charles and Ray Eames. Only one of the original two exists today. But relax everyone they're back and will be available to the 2000 buyers who sign up soon for a very limited edition of these unique pieces. To celebrate the anniversary of what would have been Charles Eames 100th birthday on June 17th 2007 1000 of each of the two renditions of the above designs will be created. You can go to website Vitra to get on the list. And thank you to blog style files for making me aware of this fabulous collector's opportunity, i want the red one, k

Floor Art, MJ Francis

I love the graphic style and energy in MJ Francis' original floorcloth designs. You can have a lot of fun with these and either choose or customize one of her designs or completely create your own custom design to compliment your personal space. After the design process is completed the pieces are protected with many coats of sealant to withstand the wear of a typical rug or carpet. How cool is that? And be sure to check out her pet food mats. perfect for the family dog or cat, k