Sunday, October 08, 2006

Hot Handbags Under $100 and Henry Clue!

I absolutely love this gorgeous purse called Cherry Blossom
B which you can find at the amazing online store Napa
Studio. Check out the many original and unique handbag designs.
What I love about this one besides the fabulous kimono fabric
is the price. $75.00. I have a big dress up event coming on
October 21st called" The Art Affair" and I'm thinking of designing
an outfit around this very "arty" purse. I love it . k

And here is my next Henry clue! Remember to be specific when "outing" Henry.

You wouldn't really call Henry cute and by the way did I tell you that Henry was photographed from a boat.


Kathy said...

did you see my guess from yesterday?
is henry a emperor penquin??

is henry a rainbow trout??


kstyle said...

Hi kathy,
Nice guesses, but not a rainbow trout or emperor penquin. k

holly said...

is henry an arrau turtle?

holly said...

is henry a giant octopus or giant squid?

Kerry said...

is henry an baby alligator?

or is Henry a snapping turtle?

Kerry said...

oh wait, I just say you are in OR, lol.. they probably don't have alligators up there.

hmmm... gonna have to think longer.

holly said...

is henry a bald eagle or bull moose?

ps ... sorry for so many guesses. i'm dying to know!

kstyle said...

Congrats to Holly, Henry has been outed. Yes henry is a
goorgeous, fabulous bald eagle. I will post the picture and tell the story of henry so stay tuned. k

maditi said...

that purse is almost as beautiful as real cherry blossoms :)