Sunday, October 15, 2006

Blogging for RED

Hey everyone. Im very excited about "Product Red". "What
a fantastic, creative, win win idea. And I really believe that
the blogosphere will play a major role in keeping the momentum
going. So fellow bloggers and friends. Jump on the "Red"
bandwagon. Lets help keep the concept rolling.

I took my guys to the Gap and we bought tees, bracelets and
pins. That's "waterboy's" wrist modeling the gorgeous "Red"
leather bracelet. Went back to the store today and I'm so
happy to report that most of the "Red" merchandise had been
wiped out much like the aids virus in Africa will be when WE
unite worldwide to make it happen. Awesome. k


Mary said...

What a great cause! Thanks for spreadingthe word!

troy said...

hi mom, bye mom