Sunday, October 29, 2006

Trick or..............

Every year Harry and Davids the world
renowned gift basket company hosts a
totem pole pumpkin sculpture in front of
their flagship store which just so happens
to be located a few minutes south of Ashland.
Always spectacular and usually "frightful" this
years entry is no exception. Ashland has a few
yearly Halloween traditions to share so stay
tuned for tomorrows........Treat....... k


Funky Finds said...

very cool!

Erin T said...

Oh wow, that's quite a lot of detail! I wonder if white pumpkins were used or if they've just carved into the surface - hard to tell from here. How nice to be so close to the flagship store - I love that Moose Munch.

Happy Halloween!

kstyle said...

I think they look like white pumpkins but so much is carved(it's actually three dimensional)that it's hard to tell! The store is fabulous. We ashamedly drop by from time to time to eat the chocolate truffles and other goodie giveaways. But we are also big customers. The red pepper jam is to die for and we stock up regularly and then there's the moose mumch! k