Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Out of My Kiln, Gucci Gorgeous

For those of you that saw my Gucci 2007 Spring/Summer slide show on Sunday you know I promised you my signature earring charms in "Gucci" colors and here they are. Love love the colors of hot spring in black, coral and purple. now if I could only afford the purse, k
And btw I'm sure you've noticed a few more than usual posts from "Out of My Kiln "which are leading somewhere I promise. However it's so icy cold here right now as in inches of snow that not conducive to my creative spirit. so soon but not as soon as I wish, k


My Marrakech said...

Those really do look custom made!

Di Overton said...

I really enjoy seeing the way you match your colours to designers colours

casapinka said...

Ooh boy, how does one choose? They are all so beautiful and carefully made. One day you must show us how you do this!