Thursday, August 17, 2006

Introducing k style

This is my first post on K style. My name is Karen Robinson and
I am a design junkie. I love it all . From the great design I see
every day on the web to my FAV dollar store finds. I can't wait
to share it all with you. Then there's the occasional drama of the
week involving the "players " in my life. Check out my personal
profile to see nicknames and codenames for the jist of my
daily ramblings. Now on to my first find.

I live in Ashland, Oregon which straddles the I5 corridor pretty much dead center between San Francisco, Ca and Portland, Oregon. So I tend to shop up and down the west coast. One of my all time favorite stores is Twist a gallery/store which features fabulous artists in multiple mediums. The necklace featured is by jewelry artist I.Ronni Kappos and I love it. Simple, elegant, contemporary and "clean" like so much of the style and design I hope to share. k

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Joanne said...

Old post I know but Hi Karen!
I only started my design blog a couple of months ago and already addicted to scouring stores and sites for the latest trends! Well, Ive been doing that for along time actually so thought I would put my thoguhts and findings to use!
You blog is looking great already - some fantastic links on there.
I will be sure to bookmark k-style and even add your link to my site.

All the best,