Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Passionate About Lampwork

I discovered lampworking about 7 yrs ago while living in
Ajijic, Mexico. The art form completely captivated me. In very
simple terms lampworking is the art of melting gorgeous
glass rods made in Murano, Italy around a metal rod (mandrel)
to create a wide variety of glass beads used to create fabulous
jewelry and other art objects. Go here to see a complete
explanation of this fascinating art/craft. Dustin Tabor whose
beads are represented above is one of my absolute favorite
lampworkers. You will see lots of lampwork featured on this
site as well as my own creations which I will post from time
to time. Enjoy. k

1 comment:

lorenzstudio said...

These beads are so beautiful. Thank you for posting them on your blog. I am looking forward to the glass items you will post in the future and can not wait to see what you have made yourself.