Friday, September 08, 2006

Living in Ashland

Okay I have to admit that while walking the sidewalk
sale in Ashland today I ended up in several stores and
walked away with some awesome finds. My absolute favorite
is the "chinese shirt" coin purse/gift pouch in the first
photo. Its small, about 4 in. by 4 in. with a zipper on the bottom.
I'm definately going back to Paddington Station
tomorrow to pick up a few more in different colors to
keep on hand. At $4.95 ea. I can think of all sorts of fun
ways to use. Will definately be my "coin purse" of the
moment for friday maj with the "girls". We bet a quarter a game.
Also love the gift bag purse from Papyrus. So clean and elegant.
Enjoy, k

1 comment:

cruststation said...

Beautiful purse and gift bag, thanks for sharing.