Thursday, October 05, 2006

Cookie Couture and Henry Clue!

While browsing for halloween finds I came across
these amazing "couture" cookies from Eleni's New
York. They're spendy and I'm not sure I could
actually eat one but how cute are these? The whole
line is amazing. Check out the butterflies here and
t he makeup cookies here. I think I could almost give
up lampworking to design cookies like these.
enjoy, k

Oh, and here is your next Henry clue!

Henry is a vision. He's mostly a very dark brown/black and white with a touch of ........... !

Clues will be getting easier so stay tuned. I'm pretty sure Henry will be outed next week. k


holly said...

a pony?

kstyle said...

No, no ponys have crossed our path lately but be sure to stay tuned. Starting next week clues will reveal much more about Henry. And don't forget guys, I usually post sunday eve. for monday. k

Kathy said...

is henry a puppy of some kind?

kstyle said...

Hi Kathy,

Trust me. I wish Henry was a puppy.
But no puppies for us right now. k

Kathy said...

is henry a palominto horse??

Kathy said...

is henry a monkey?

kstyle said...

I love all the guesses. Too much fun. I am really dying to see Henry outed but no not a horse and not a monkey. k

Miss Beaux said...

I think Henry is a butterfly.

kstyle said...

Hi Miss Beaux,
Nice guess but no butterflies fluttering by our camera lens lately. k

Kathy said...

is henry a cow?

kstyle said...

Hi kathy,
We have lots of cows in Oregon but no not a cow. k

cruststation said...

I love the handbag cookies, they are just so gorgeous...I know I couldn't eat them cos they are Too cute!