Monday, November 20, 2006

Holiday Scramble and Contest

in honor of the season, karen from kstyle and holly from holly's
plate have teamed up to bring you the twelve days of christmas
holiday contest. starting december 1st and running for 12 days
thereafter, karen and holly will be posting a single letter on their
sites for a total of two letters each day. collect these letters, 24 in
all, and at the end of the 12 days, unscramble them to reveal a
holiday phrase. the first person to correctly unscramble the
phrase and email karen at will win a pair
of karen 's hand-crafted lampwork earrings. the first person to
unscramble the phrase and email holly at
will win a holiday bumbleknees print made by holly. good luck
and happy holidays!

ps: here's a hint (you're only going to get this one!) ... the phrase
is made up of seven words.

and yes this is a different contest. kstyles november earring giveaway
is happening and soon I might add. k

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