Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Lost and Found!

No this is not my latest real estate purchase but I do have a
story to tell about the Famous Carolands Mansion featured
in "Archirectural Digest" this month. In fact the new documentary
about this famous residence entitled Three Women and a Chateau
should be retitiled Three Women a Chateau and a Baby. And
yes that baby would be me.

First you need to understand that this vast cavernous castle
like home located in Hillsborough, Calif. has 98 rooms and
65,000 sq. ft. and then you need to know my mother. Just
kidding mom. But mom is not known for her keen sense of
direction so when she and my father we're invited to dinner by
"The Countess Dandini" the second of " The Three Women" in
the documentary what followed might have been predictable!

Cutting to the chase my mother must have felt that The Countess
had had enough cooing time with the new baby so she proceeded
to find a suitable room of the 98 potentials to leave me in to sleep
while she and my dad continued their dinner with royalty. So far
so good.

Time to go and round up baby k. As I'm sure you've guessed by
now my mother had no idea where she had put me. Panic ensued,
the help was enlisted, and a search was begun. Sometime later and
I mean later I was found. Good thing too or might be part of the of
the documentary instead of blogging about it. k

Oh and for lots more scandal and intrigue about this notorious
residence check out the article in this months "Architectural Digest".
It's fascinating.


jeremy said...

Cool story!!!!!

Pat B said...

Karen, what a delightful story! I had no idea you were so close to royalty!