Friday, November 24, 2006

My Table

Well no. This is not quite what my empty Thanksgiving
table looks like but more like the one I dream about from
time to time. Speaking of Thanksgiving hope you all
had a good one. We had the usual with all the trimmings
but then hopped over to some friends for dessert where
usual didn't apply.

Their son also known as "The Rock n Roll Chef" created the
most to die for array of desserts I think I've ever had. He's
cooked for Madonna and Hillary Clinton so you can imagine.
Not quite sure how he happened to be cooking for the
Robinsons but I'll take it.

Oh and he made this amazing drink which I highly recommend.
Equal parts turkish coffee and liquor "Hot Damn" topped off with
whipped cream. I guess I would describe the liquor as spiced
cinnamon. Im buying some today. Would make fab hostess gift
this party season. Off to take some photos of xmas tree lighting
and other fun stuff so stay tuned. Hot Damn, k

And don't forget to check out more glorious work by glass artist
Jill Henrietta Davis.

1 comment:

susan said...

that drink sounds like it is calling my name... yum!