Thursday, November 02, 2006

You're Invited!

Yes, you are invited to participate in a kstyle giveaway
and if I were going to send you an inviation by mail
I would definitely choose these fabulous fashion
invitations by smashing cards which you can find

So what is my November giveaway going to be?

Since I'm in the holiday spirit I'm going to make a
gorgeous pair of lampwork xmas earrings that I promise
you will love and that will be one of a kind and designed
especially for you. Sometime during the month of November
I will post a picture of the earrings and trust me you will
know when you see them. The first person to leave a
comment and say "I want those fabulous earrings" will be
receiving a package from kstle in the mail. So be sure to
drop by often. You never know when they might pop up on
kstyle. Too much fun. k


Funky Finds said...

very generous! i usually check all the blogs i subscribe to in alphabetical order...but i'll have to remember to check K first! :)

Pat B said...

I'll be checking frequently! "I want those fabulous earrings!"
Pat B

Anonymous said...

I'm in! pook