Monday, December 11, 2006

Holiday Scramble,Day 12

Yay, we made it. The twelve days of xmas holiday
scramble is over and what fun it has been. My last
letter is an L and again something edible. I love
this cake which you can find at and
If I could I'd divide it up into pieces for all who came
to play and participate in our holiday scramble.

So let the emails and the guesses begin. But
don't forget. You'll need to hop on over to holly's
plate one more time for the very last letter.
Happy unscrambling. k


Kerry said...

Great Contest... I think I figured it out!! I sent my emails :)

hmmm said...

when will we find out the winner??

Sharp Lily said...

Love the contest and LOVE the cake!!! I'm in the market for one of those...

thepreppyprincess said...

I am not good at unscrambling but I have enjoyed your 12 days of cute posts and great finds!

holly said...

let them eat cake! thanks, karen, for including me in such a fun contest. it was great hatching out the details and ended up being so fun finding all the right posts. who knew there were so many cute monograms out there? anyway, i truly enjoyed myself. you're a total peach and i can't wait to team up again!

kstyle said...

Thanks Holly. It was so much fun and I think we started something. I'm already thinking about the next fun contest or ......? And I maybe dreaming monograms for quite awhile. Great fun. k

And thanks again to everyone who played. Kerry you had it right but someone beat you to the punch. But you will be winning a kstyle contest soon I have no doubt!