Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Losers!

Before we move onto other things at kstyle
thought you might like to see a quick glimpse
at all the monogram items that didn't make the
cut. To be honest they were all fun so I pretty
much let my mood of the day be the deciding
factor. had no idea their would be such a wealth
of monogram items to choose from. And their were
even more than didn't make the this cut. enjoy, k


holly said...

karen, some of these i saw while i was searching, some i've never seen. where did the cute topiary "o" come from?

kstyle said...

The topiary came from a line of products http://www.michellemasters.com/index.htm
very cute stuff. It's amazing we didn't repeat. I did have the napkins from plum party and almost posted the same day but I was changing my posts from hour to hour. It was so fun to see what you found from day to day. My favorite that I didn't find was the ornament from miss priss. Too cute. talk soon. k

thepreppyprincess said...

I need that "A" pillow...where is it from? If you remember!

kstyle said...

The A pillow on the white background comes from williams and sonoma home. Very cute. k