Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Stylin With Nests!

From the gorgeous woven glass nest sculptures to the
tiny nests in the bottom of spoons this theme seems to
be strong this holiday season. I love it all and from top to
bottom you can find these fabulous products at Norris
and Markow,Napastyle, Roomservice and Vivaterra
enjoy, k


holly said...

yay! you moved to beta. whatcha think?

kstyle said...

I just closed my eyes and hit the button just like you said. So far so good. Still need to redo the template part but think I'll wait on that till after contest. k

Joanne said...

beta.. same here!
Love those nest tea-light holders K!

My Marrakech said...

I just love everything at Viva Terra. That store is horribly addictive.
P.S. Kstyle, I need your advice on my blog entry today. Pls come check in. thx.

Anonymous said...