Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Well Designed Holiday, Ornaments

These are just a few of my favorite holiday ornaments this season and yes there is really no theme going on here other than that they have caught my eye. I love the shells with the purple sheen by Gumps and if I had daughters the shifts by Lilly Pulitzer are oh so girly cute. Then again the simple graphic stripes by Garnet Hill really satisfy my clean and graphic edited style. You can find these in order of appearance at Kate Spade, Stray Dog, Rose and Radish, Gumps 1,2&3, Lilly Pulitzer, Traylor Papers (these maybe sold out) Jonathon Adler, Garnet Hill and finally Unica Home. hope you enjoy, k

Ps. I first saw the kate spade ornaments via absolutely beautiful. While out of stock can usually be found on ebay.

Sweet moment: Just got back from a swim meet with water boy and while our team did great the sweetest moment came for me when two fifteen year old boys from the other team sang the national anthem in a cappella all decked out in their speedos. Just picture that and smile. k


thepreppyprincess said...

I have the Lilly Shift Dress ornaments, they are too cute!

pinkmohair said...

Half of these could double as jewelry...sublime. Thanks for sharing.

susan said...

love the ornaments and well, the swim team story sounded lovely!

Anna said...

Love the shoe ornaments!!

Anna (Absolutely Beautiful Things)

holly said...

ooooh. love the kate spades.