Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Well Designed Holiday, Cake

If you've been reading kstyle for awhile you know that I
absolutely love cake stands. You probably also know that I
am NOT a baker. So it makes sense that I would be totally
attracted to the gorgeous ceramic cake stands by potter Frances
Palmer and these amazing holiday "art" cakes by artist Susan
Morgan which you can find at a kstyle favorite The Artful Home.
Yes they are a bit spendy but ooooh so sweet. enjoy, k


jessica_hood said...

stunning! how could you ever eat something so beautiful?

ambika said...

Those cakes are truly stunning. And I never thought I'd use that adjective to describe cakes.

kstyle said...

Be sure to follow the link back to lots more gorgeous cakes. Couldn't post them all. k

pinkmohair said...

Boy, nothing like feeling UNWORTHY in the kitchen! I would love to create an ornament cake but I can only imagine the outcome! Thanks for sharing these works of art.