Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I found It At Fickr

Lulu and I are introducing a new frequent post category at kstyle and if you check out the sidebar you'll see that I've added a few others. I'm sure most of my readers are aware of flickr and the treasure trove of fun and creativity that resides there. I will be sharing some of my flickr finds from my eye candy travels and this darling photo of Lu Lu will be my first. For more photos of Lu Lu and trust me they are beyond cute go here and be sure to spend some time on one of the most amazing eye candy resources on the net. enjoy k

And be sure to drop by later. I will be winding up shoe days on kstyle with a bang. k

1 comment:

ambika said...

Aw, what a sad, sweet pic. I love flickr and can't wait to submit my Holga photos to some of the groups. It really is a wonderful resource.