Friday, January 05, 2007

Not Sure Why I Like This

I've been looking for the perfect "find" to introduce this new Kstyle frequent post category and "The Poodle Butt" by designer J. Schatz definitely fits the bill. I have no idea why I like this but in fact I absolutely love. Probably a combination of the whimsy thing and the dog thing and then the butt thing thrown in for good measure. Oh and it just makes me smile. And if your into pink poodles the Poodle Butt comes in a nice pink as well as black and cocoa. Love this, k


pinkmohair said...

i've been thinking about the poodle butt since your post yesterday. I think I really like it, too.

Julie said...

I think you like it because white with details makes a perfect combination.

ambika said...

Oh, I like this too. Very whimsical but the white color keeps it from being too crazy.