Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Out Of My Kiln, Blues and Lavenders

I made the first pair of earrings you see for my friend S whose getting a nice little package today when I see her at Waterboy's swim meet. I'm really liking the colors in these. They look like green jade and black onyx with a splash of gorgeous transparent ocean turquoise blue to set off the solids. They look smashing with some of my beautiful scarves. If you remember my weirdness post I have quite a collection. Also like the pastels which were requested by some of you. Be sure to stay tuned here at kstyle bead central. I have lots more colors and styles to show you. k
Off to waterboy's swim meet now where I will be a timer for the next several hours. We're winding down on swimming. Next we we have districts and then state finals. You'd think we and he might get a rest after that but no, waterboy will soon evolve into golf boy although he would probably play golf in the water if he could. k

1 comment:

casapinka said...

OMG, I am in love with the bottom ones, althought it is difficult to choose! I cannot believe that you made these, you talented woman. Are they for sale yet?