Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Out Of My Kiln & Website Update

Wanted to give you all an update on where I'm at with the Kstyle jewelry website and what's coming out of my kiln these days. So the good news is that I am making progress and the website is coming along. The bad news is that it has been so freezing cold in Ashland and I am talking cold cold that lampworking and the photography involved for the site have been very difficult to do. As in I have even cracked beads just trying to get the bead from the flame to the kiln in one piece. Some of my readers are lampworkers and I'm sure you can relate. I do have a space heater in the garage where I torch but not up to the job in this kind of weather. So I'm hoping to have things up and running by the end of February. Also I am trying different backdrops for beads which is why you see three different photo versions in this post. Which one do you like best? k

And I also want to thank everyone for the kind birthday wishes and for linking me. I had a great day and hearing from all of you made it even more fun. thanks again, k


My Marrakech said...

Very snappy little earrings. Like that silver inside the bead. And I am sending you a blast of warm air from here in Marrakesh.
PS Any nice birthday loot?

Funky Finds said...

beautiful...i can't wait til the site is done!

Another Shade of Grey said...

Number 1 definitely.

2 and 3 compete with the subject.

Di Overton said...

Happy Birthday. Sorry no hot air here either otherwise I would send you some also. Good luck with the site, I know the feeling.

lorenzstudio said...

These are beautiful!
I really like the first picture. I think the background complements the earrings very well.

Kathy said...

Hey Karen,
#1 is the best display.

the preppy princess said...

I can't remember if I wished you a happy birthday or not! So Happy Birthday and you already know I link to you!

Love the earrings too and I like #1


Kerry said...

I little tip on the cold weather bead making. I am in Western NY and my garage studio has been in the low 20's this week. Put the bead in the kiln while still glowing red! Don't touch it to the bottom of the kiln until the glow goes down, or you'll get blanket marks ont eh beads... but you can save the bead from cracking that way.

Happy Birthday (Belated)!

Joanne said...

Hi Karen - looking forward to seeing the finished site! Also prefer the first photo - the background on the others distract slightly from the product. Colourful earrings, toned down background to show them off always works better!

And sorry - unable to send warm weather from over here as its flippin freezin!