Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Passionate About Lampwork, Michael Barley

Browsing ebay again I came across this stunning bead by lampwork artist Michael Barley. It is currently selling on ebay and at this posting had about 21 hours left. This is remarkable work and I really wanted you to see it. I am constantly amazed at the level some lampworkers take this art form to. You can see more of Michael"s gorgeous work here. enjoy, k


pinkmohair said...

This is where I always feel inadequate. I start doing something and then find someone who does the same craft in a celestial way that I can never achieve. I love how you use this as inspiration rather than intimidation. I've never seen your work but I can't wait (and you probably knock this guy into the ground.)

kstyle said...

Hi Pink,

There is ALWAYS someone out there better in any endeavor so we just need to get over it and try to do what we do well. If I can put an original spin on what I do I feel pretty good. And I know that promoting fabulous lampwork is good karma and I really want to educate my readers about this amazing art form. Lots of people have still never heard of it. And that couldn't be good for any of us. Take care and talk soon. k

My Marrakech said...

So, so beautiful