Sunday, January 07, 2007

Stylin With Clocks, 2

Well here are a few more "stylin" clocks I thought you might like to see. I love the soft clock in the last pic. Very sort of surreal. In order of appearance you can find these at The Artful Home, Thomas Mann Design and Kiki World. update: For those of you who visited Kstyle over the weekend and experienced my widget for a few days and left comments thank you. In the end although I like the basic concept I feel it is too indiscriminate with links so I have disabled until they get the program a little further along. Fun to try but not quite there yet.Oh and if you want to see it in action go to dress your nest blog and check it out. k


pinkmohair said...

K, I don't quite get what the feature is. When I click on it, it says not available. On the other hand, I really like that molten gold clock!

kstyle said...

Thanks Pink. Mouse over all the links including sidebar. You will see what feature is. Basically pops up preview of sites so you can decide on spending time to click through.
The clock link is hot as in you can click and go to site but queuing preview because such a new source.
Kind of confusing I know. k

LisaJay said...

I love the one in the middle, which didn't surprise me when I saw it was from Thomas Mann Design. I love his work. One of my favorite Christmas presents was a book showcasing his metal art. (An gift list is a wonderful thing!)

CeLee said...

i actually disabled mine as well! sometimes, the links would load while other times it would say that the service was not available. wordpress is integrating the service into its application... maybe improvements will be forthcoming. :)