Sunday, January 28, 2007

Tiny Teapots, J Klingler

I love these tiny teapots by ceramic artist j klingler. Each one is just a little work of art and I can see creating a space just to show off these tiny gems. I love small replicas of larger things. Something so whimsical and playful about the notion of typically larger items made so beautifully small. k
And be sure to check out the artists's process page for the teapots.. It's fascinating to follow the work from start to finish. k


Abby Creek Art said...

These are SO cool looking. I want one! Thanks for sharing them, Karen.

susan said...

absolutely ADORABLE!
hey, drop me a line - when you have a moment ...almost all the work is in!

Joe Klingler said...

Thanks!! I made these a few years ago. You can find more at Vale Craft Gallery in Chicago. Or feel free to contact me at josefklingler(at)

Thanks again!! Joe Klingler

Joe Klingler said...

Sorry, Please use
Thanks, Joe klingler