Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A Great Cause, Paint Vases???

As most of you know by now my son the photo journalism major is filming a documentary on Equamore a fabulous horse rescue organization here in Ashland. They are currently supporting over 50 abandoned or abused horses like the mom in the pic above who recently gave birth to a beautiful healthy colt. They are having their big fundraiser in August and my best friend C is donating all of the "blank" pottery vases she can get her hands on for the big auction.

What she needs are some "artistic" types to paint the vases in any sort of fun motifs (not necessarily horses) with pottery glazes and then she will have them fired.

So my blogging arty friends. If any of you would like to paint a vase for Equamore I will pay for shipping to and back and then I will FEATURE your finished vase right here on Kstyle. So let me know if anyone's in and I will start sending vases. k

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