Sunday, June 10, 2007

Fun Today On Kstyle, Contest

I've been working all day with my son who has yet another major project due on Tuesday for his English class. And I mean major. To simplify he has to do a "visual" presentation of all of the
quotes from all of the readings and work he has done over the year pertaining to the concept of FREEDOM. The finished project had to incorporate the quotes from at least 28 sources and be presented in a creative 3 dimensional way. So Ksytlers I'm offering you a little CONTEST today. If you can guess what we did for the project I will send you a pair of dangle Kstyle lampwork earrings Free! So guess away. I will publish a pic of finished product next week.
oh and friends and fam ssssh please don't tell, k
The gorgeous metal wall sculpture trees can be found here at Artsy Abode, k


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

eek, I couldn't possibly could mean anything. maybe prison imagery (bars open)? I work on a prisoner rights program, and that is why I am thinking that.

PS love those first two trees.

cruststation said...

What an interesting project to do for an English class! I like the idea of an opened bird cage with birds flying out each carrying a paper strip with the quotes on them.
My second idea is a tree with quotes hanging from the branches.
* I agree with Maryam about the trees.

kstyle said...

Great guesses. I should have put this out earlier for ideas. But remember we are talking about a teenage boy here and the visual itself did not have to be a symbol of freedom just a 3 dimensional or creative way to present the content. k

Janvangogh said...

Was going to say a paper mache bird with paper feathers, 28 with the quotes. But the bird would be the freedom part. Hmmm.

Janvangogh said...

Oops. Didnt see the bird suggestion by cruststation.

Janvangogh said...

Temporary tattoos?

Words on garbage pieced together to make the quotes and encased in an acrylic box. (Actually saw some NY garbage online sold that way)