Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ice Bucket Drama

It's party week at K's house and I'm having a few dramas as in ice buckets. R and I pretty much went to every possible place to buy one here in Ashland or Medford and trust me none of the ones we saw looked anything like ANY of the ones you see above. So until I can take my time and order one of the above, like the first one from Gumps I just going to borrow one for the black jacl party friday night. who knew they would be so hard to find! k

Also I somehow lost my links for above ice buckets other than I know the first set come from Gumps. And since I'm doing a lampwork for demo for 22 ladies tonight I don't have time to find them all again. So hope none of you are needing an ice bucket anytime soon. k


Fairfax said...

K... bottom one is from Williams SOnoma.

Di Overton said...

Not needing one right now but have a great party.

Sarah Dennis said...

Hey K!
The ice bucket from Gumps is nice - a modern take on a ice bucket. However, I spy the Victor Ice bucket from Juliska (fourth from the top) and I'm loving that one! You can purchase it at Tabula Tua.

Here's the link if anyone's interested: http://www.tabulatua.com

Have a great party!