Thursday, June 21, 2007

Kate Spade Rules

I love everything about Kate Spade, and while browsing for wedding gifts I came across these gorgeous pieces. I'm still not sure what I'm going to choose for the two weddings in my life this summer but these candle and vases are definitely on the list. Any ideas for the perfect wedding gift??? Something hip and contemporary. I'm also thinking the Kate Spade tidbit plates or maybe the white Jonathan Adler bird salt and pepper shakers. Any ideas would be appreciated. k


mohairpink said...

A Daily Painter piece would be lovely. A couple of people could go in on an original artwork and it would last forever and not get broken. These are pretty lovely, though. Sorry I've been absent lately -hopefully getting a break soon!

Anne said...

These are gorgeous, but did they register for anything? I'd look at the style of the stuff they want before you decide, just because we got a lot of gorgeous and useful stuff but we also got some of what I refer to as "the beautiful art" that I would rather have gone without (and that's the stuff that you can't return).

suburban prep said...

These are all wonderful.