Friday, July 06, 2007

Fourth of July Ashland Style

From zebra horses, bald eagles, hot cars and hot nurses Ashland pretty much covers it all in the annual fourth of July parade. The event starts out with a buzz over of two F-16 fighter jets and then the party begins. The whole town turns out and the party goes on all day with a fabulous fireworks display topping off a great day.
And tomorrow is the big day. As in wedding. Spent the morning helping to set up for this epic event. Will be taking LOTS of pics so stay tuned for some really fun photo ops next week. hope you're all having a great weekend. k


Di Overton said...

We don't have a 4th of July - we lost. Have a happy time though.

cruststation said...

That looks like a lot of fun.
Can't wait to see the pictures from the wedding.

katiedid said...

Hi Karen! We were just up in Grants Pass over the weekend and drove home through Ashland today. I had never been there before. What great town! Very charming. Looking forward to the Shakespeare Festival!

becky said...

Have you read "There's a Slight Chance I Might be Going to Hell?" It's a total quickie chick lit book I just read on a plane. Anyway, this scene is like something right out of that book (I think the town it is based upon is Eugene OR).


kstyle said...

Thanks Becky,
Will have to check out that book. Eugene is just a few hours north of Ashland and yes this parade scene would fit right in there. k