Tuesday, July 31, 2007

H20 Polo, Waterboy

Pink if you're reading this post the above pic may give you an idea of what Junior might do when he reaches puberty! And NO, I had no idea that waterboy had written H20 Polo in sunscreen on his chest and then baked the rest of said chest in the bow of the boat while fishing Saturday. Geez what will the almost sixteen year old think of next? Whatever it is I'm not sure I can handle it. k

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susan said...

OK, then I won't tell you what our young 20s son did last night, a regular activity...taking the train to the city saturday night, an hour away, going to a club to meet online forum friends for a dj show that ends at 5 am and making his way home from the city (NY) on the train to get home at 7 am, at which time I've already been up 2 hours starting my day!

Unless, it's the other son, earlier 20s, who drops out of college (he promises he'll go back) to be a pro bike racer?

Nah, I won't tell you those things!!

Boys are funny! Your boy's adorable! I love teenagers, I really do, they've got spirit.