Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hooray "J"

Hey Kstylers,
Today I am strictly bragging! If you've been following Kstyle for awhile you know that I have a son who just finished his internship and degree in photojournalism. Maybe you've even seen a few of his published photos scattered throughout Kstyle. But what you don't know is that J just landed his first job as a bona fide photojournalist. Yep he is now officially on staff at The Mail Tribune, the fourth largest newspaper in Oregon, and has landed a fantastic opportunity and foothold into this incredibly competitive field. I won't bore you with all of the back and forth details that we've been through the last month but it is fair to say that J really slayed his internship which got him the job. And this despite the fact that he was told they had never hired an intern before. So yes I know I am bragging again but I just can't help it. So bravo to my middle son for a job well done. I am so very proud. And yes, he took the dolphin photo you see above which will be front and center on my other son's new website! SO stay tuned for lots more amazing photography from J, a proud mom. k