Monday, August 20, 2007

Etsy Poster Contest

Somehow I missed this contest sponsored by Etsy. Too bad because I would have loved to put a poster together with at least one pair of earrings from Kstyle. My chance at design fame aside I thought the posters were wonderful. Above are just a few of my favorites. Am going to have to spend some time really perusing the collection for great finds. Etsy is really growing into an amazing venue and these "poster collections" tell the Etsy story in such a powerful and original way. enjoy, k


Design for MySpace said...

The earrings are really wonderful, you have got reasons to be disappointed at not being a part of contest

ambika said...

Some of these were so gorgeous. I wish I had more time to really look at them all.

cruststation said...

I love the colour scheme posters, the green and white are particularly stunning.