Sunday, August 26, 2007

Waterboy, aka Scuba Steve

Well I'm back from waterboy's first tournament of the season and I am exhausted. You would think that I played 10 games of water polo and swam literally hundreds of miles in the pool. But no I really have no excuse other than hanging out with fourteen 16-18 year olds is a sport in itself.
But I do have a story to tell that just couldn't wait! First of all just let me say that water polo is an absolutely fantastic sport and parents out there thinking of a sport for your boys or girls please check it out. It is incredibly athletic but for the most part relatively injury free at least at the high school level. But back to the story.
Water polo is basically played above water but it is NOT against the rules to go under water. So picture this if you can. Waterboy is driving towards the goal and heaves an around the back assault on the goal. He throws the ball hard but the goalie catches it in the face and the goal is not scored. Waterboy is not happy and starts to swim down the pool with the other players. While the goalie recovers from the save he starts to pump the ball in his hands waiting for his teammates to get further down the pool before throwing. But waterboy still upset that he missed his goal attempt dives under water and heads back toward the goalie. He is completely underwater heading towards the goalie who has no idea he is on his way. As the goalie gets ready to heave the ball waterboy literally explodes from the depths and knocks the ball right out of the goalies hands and the ball flies into the cage for a goal for our team. The stands go crazy, I am in total shock and well a legend is born. Waterboy has a new name now. They call him Scuba Steve. So stay tuned kstylers for more scuba steve stories to come. The season has just begun. And back to design tomorrow, k

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tammy b said...

and that is how a legend should be born.