Monday, September 24, 2012


I came across these handcrafted book/sculptures from Jayson Home and Garden and well, they caught my eye. I thought they were really interesting and different. In other words I haven't seen them cropping up on any flash websites or on every other shelter magazine page I read almost daily. I get tired of trends. While I love deer antlers I have to admit I'm tired of their looming presence pretty much everywhere I click or browse. These sculpted books however were different. I could feel their uniqueness and originality. But would they pass my 'home invasion" test?  From loving, to wanting, to actually buying and integrating somehow into my already bursting home. Well maybe. My first question to myself is usually very simple. Other than the fact that I am attracted to the piece is it useful or is it art?  Well in this case definitely not useful  but yes they would qualify in my "art" category as each piece is wonderfully unique and handcrafted. I like that a lot. My next question would be, what if any  personal relationship do I have to the piece? On this question I am pretty brutal. I'm not a fan of things for the sake of things taking up valued space. There has to be something more to make the cut.  So in this case I would give it a yes. I am a huge reader. I LOVE books. Books define a significant part of my story. They are present throughout my home. There would definitely be a personal connection here. But the final question is tougher, more subjective and  challenging. Where do I see this piece in my space?  Would something else have to go to allow this new intruder an opportunity to shine? On this point I could waiver for weeks, sometimes months. And well, if I never manage to hit the buy button that action speaks for itself. So in the end only time and my current pocketbook will decide the fate of this "object art" and whether or not it finds a coveted space somewhere in my home. So what about you K style friends? What questions do you ask yourself before you hit the buy button? I would love to hear. Talk soon

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