Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Design Aesthetic

K's Garden Summer 2012

I love thinking about this. In truth I think about it way too much. But here's the thing. When I ask myself how I came to arrive at my current design aesthetic I know one thing for sure. It involved a lot of thinking! Somewhere along the line the notion entered my head that I should care about my surroundings. That I should take notice of the visual world presenting itself to me on a daily basis. And that is what I have done. Every single day for as long as I can remember. From the interior of someones home, to the inside of a bathroom stall I took it all in. Noticing everything. This became routine, second nature. This was key to developing my personal aesthetic but there was more to it. Much more. I was not formerly trained. For me this was a personal journey not a professional one. I would have to knock around this arena for awhile on my own without the benefit of a set of rules to guide me. Did this make it harder or easier for me? I will probably never know the answer to this question. In any event the next stage of my journey involved decisions. Tough decisions. Okay I noticed "it" but did I like "it", was I attracted to "it" or did looking at "it" make me want to gauge my eyes out? And if yes to any of the above the bigger question loomed. Why? What was the deeper connection causing my reaction, good , bad or indifferent. This was much harder to know and while I have made progress I expect this part of the journey never really ends. So what is my design aesthetic you may ask? What words would I choose today to describe it? There are many of course but I will try to edit the list and fittingly my first word would be---


As the "new" k style evolves I would like to talk about each of these words and the concept behind them and what they mean to me and perhaps you! 

What words would you use to describe your aesthetic. I would love to hear.

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