Thursday, September 20, 2012

Please Yes!

Did I buy this absolutely stunning sculpture for a beautiful blank wall in our backyard garden?? Well my kstyle friends there's a story here. When I first saw this piece while casually surfing online it was one of those stop you in your online tracks sort of moments. I mean seriously, it had my name on it and more importantly husband R's name on it because you guessed it, it wasn't cheap. Not cheap at all! The name of the piece was "Riverbed Dish" which again suggested a serious connection. After all there is a riverboat parked in our garage, river stones collected through the years line various garden beds in both front and backyard gardens. Many hours and days of our life have been spent floating the myriad of rivers in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. We are river people through and through.Well you get the picture. This gorgeous sculpture found here at Wyatt Studio seriously called my name. So I began the process of acquiring this piece. Both R and I thought it worth pursuing. We contacted the artist and began a discussion involving everything from availability, to the process involved in making, to the time frame necessary to complete a custom piece just for us. Things were going well. I could feel its gorgeous presence and inspired conversations already happening at our next out door gathering. And then it happened. The deal breaker. Yep, I'm so sad to say this piece does not adorn our empty garden wall. There was a problem. Unfortunately a big problem and even I who tend to ignore the practical had to agree. You see the "Riverbed Dish" is made out of metal. It would hang outside. Outside in rainy Oregon. VERY rainy Oregon. The artist who is from California advised us that it would have to be treated for rust prevention. Not just once but probably every year, forever. I could not picture this gorgeous piece going to rust and I could not picture R and I year after year obsessing over every little spot that we did not take care of. I like aging on some things but not this. Rocks in the river  for the most part stay clean and shiny. For me this is part of their beauty. So sadly we did not buy this signature piece. At least not for now. Who knows, maybe someday we'll find a spot for it on another wall, in another place, in another home. But for now I will be content to share its beauty with you, my dear kstyle friends! Talk soon

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