Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Well I guess you can tell from this post that I LOVE
zinnias. They have to be one of the most prolific and long lasting cut flowers of any species I know.
We buy them as seeds and plant several planters on the side of our house and here it is almost October and they are still going strong. I like the variety pack in all sorts of  colors, shapes and sizes. In thinking about the design question happening over at Little Green Notebook blog should we design our homes with a limited color palette or medium I think the zinnia selection at my home points out the limitations of such a tight strategy. The seeds come in a wide spectrum of colors which cannot be edited out in the planting process. If my color choices for my home absolutely ruled out orange or red I would have to ditch the zinnia idea. Or at least leave half of them languishing on the vine with no hope of making into my color schemed house. Instead I have the gift of flowers in my home pretty much on a daily basis throughout the zinnias VERY long season. They are above all FUN which I think adds a pop of interest and personality to any interior. k

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