Thursday, November 01, 2012

Ansel Adams

I've always been drawn to the photography of Ansel Adams. Recently I developed a renewed interest in his work as my youngest son just spent his summer working at Yosemite National Park. So one thing lead to another and now I find that I just can't get enough of Ansel Adams and his breath taking work.

I  have purchased several of his books but my favorite so far has been "Looking at Ansel Adams, The Photographer and the Man" by Andrea G. Stillman. She has put together a fascinating narrative of both the man and twenty of his most memorable works and the detailed stories behind them. I was especially enamored with these gorgeous screens that were created by Adams in a very limited quantity. The fern screen below sits in his Carmel home which is currently owned by his son and family. Apparently there were twelve screens created all depicting his scenes from nature as opposed to his more famous landscape motifs. These are the only two I could come up with. How gorgeous! I could see a DIY project based on this concept. Not Ansel Adams of course but with all the digital photography and options available today would be much more doable than what Ansel Adams had to do to create his three paneled screens. Enjoy, k

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AphotoAday said...

What a wonderful post. I was just describing Ansel Adams' screen to a friend and thought I would try Googling for more information.
As a teenager I was fortunate to have Ansel Adams review my work two times in 1964. Of course my work sort of "sucked" but Ansel was very nice to me, telling me how I could improve each and every photo I showed him. What a guy... And again, great post. Thanks.