Thursday, January 31, 2013


I recently expanded my design vocabulary with the English word "bespoke". I've heard it before when finding myself on design sites in the UK but only recently got a real understanding of the meaning behind this unusual word while reading my latest design book, "A Living Space" by British designer "Kit Kemp". It basically means custom made in the world of design or as I heard recently, "you'll have to wait".  The pillows or cushions as they are called in the UK above are a good example of bespoke design as are all of the products at Vanderhurd . Hand made details such as the embroidery in the designs above are also inherent to the "bespoke" process.

I highly recommend Kit Kemp's fabulous book for anyone interested n the "bespoke" concept in design. Brilliantly photographed and sourced throughout this highly personal and creative book. enjoy, k

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