Sunday, September 17, 2006

Good Design is Everywhere

Welcome to the wonderful world of Manfred Klein.
These creative and whimsical illustrations are also
known as dingbat fonts. That's right. Each picture is
actually a letter that you type on your keyboard.
Dingbats run the gamut from your basic arrows
and signs to elaborate designs such as you see above.
There are endless collections available as freeware,
shareware and charityware. Manfred Klein asks that
if any profit is made from the use of his fonts a
donation is made to Doctors Without Borders. His
amazing site at Fonteria Manfred Klein is a treasure
trove of extraordinary graphics. The first pair of graphics
"TracesofKindinsky" can be found here, and the second
group called "Kleinbirds" can be found here.Stay tuned
for more amazing dingbat fonts. I have a wonderful
collection to share. enjoy, k

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Katrine K said...

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog! I love your blog too, and will come back to see more!