Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Low End of the High End

I love the possiblity of owning a few pieces of kate spade. In
my dreams I buy the gorgeous bag on the right. But you know
I coud be really happy with the just as "kate spade" deck of
cards on the left. And what a fabulous gift for under $20. So
don't forget the low end of the high end. enjoy, k


holly said...

oooh! i love that bag!

Erin T said...

I love that bag too, but like you I could be happy with the cards.
My playing cards are so embarasssing. My husband and I were on vacation and wanted to have some cards, so we bought what was available at the check-out lane in the nearby grocery store - two decks of Star Trek cards. Neither us has ever watched Star Trek and couldn't care less about the show.
We never bought new cards and recently some friends were over and they wanted to play cards after dinner. I soon realized we had never bothered to buy better-looking cards, and that we also looked like rabid Star Trek fans. Your post reminded me I need prettier cards and has spared me from future jokes about Spock and Tribbles during an impromptu poker game :)
Erin T